Cause of Anxiety.

I am someone who has suffered from anxiety nearly all his life, and it has progressively become worse with each year which only gave rise to other physical, anxiety induced health issues. And naturally I have given this a lot of thought (which only feeds into the anxiety I guess), and I have finally found out the root of the anxiety. What really is it?

Anxiety is basically the fear of future while depression is fear of the past, although both can blend in and go hand in hand, but we are gonna focus on depression in another post. Have you noticed, every time you are feel anxiety, the reason is always somehow directly or indirectly related to your future?

I will give some generic examples to get my point across. People go through a variety of circumstances right, and I don’t really know what each one of them are specifically going through, but I will tell you some common causes of anxiety that may apply to everyone. Some of the causes are financial worries, loss of loved ones, maybe you are unhealthy and have some illness, maybe you are having relationship problems or going through a break up, maybe unfortunate and traumatic shit happened to you while growing up, like getting bullied or your parent passing away. These are some generic examples.

Now let’s focus on each individually. Let’s say you think you are not good enough and your girlfriend or boyfriend might leave you for it (even though if he or she really did because you are not good looking enough then they never loved you to begin with). So you are feeling anxiety because of it. Now see, you are feeling anxiety of something that did not happen yet, but may or may not happen in future. She may or may not leave you, but she didn’t yet. Now let’s say she does leave you, now you are not having anxiety about her leaving you, because it’s already done, instead you feeling anxiety about what’s gonna happen to you now, how will you move on which again is you thinking about your future.

Or you may go through some financial crisis. You are not feeling anxiety because you don’t have money but you are feeling it because you feel like you won’t get any money in future which will make your situation worse. Your salary might come tomorrow, but that tomorrow is future as well.

We always feel anxiety about things that did no happen yet. Nothing really helps, so I won’t advice you on anything, but try to live in the moment instead of going to the past or the future, but it’s obviously not as easy as it sounds, if it were, none of us would have go through this horrible feeling right?

Published by Arkopaul Das

Hey there, I am Arkopaul Das, and welcome to my blog! I am a published writer of five novels, poet, content creator, editor, and Youtuber. Growing up, I always had thoughts and opinions about a lot of things, but no one to share them with. I resorted to writing my heart out and using it as a coping mechanism, and soon I fell in love with it. In this blog, you can have a glimpse of what goes on in my mind, you will find me ranting on different subjects, and hopefully, some of it will be relatable. Are you someone who is lost, lonely, or feeling like you are stuck in life? Cos then I am you - a guy figuring his shit out in life and trying to get somewhere with his creativity. This is me, exposing my raw, unabashed self. Also, please subscribe to my youtube channel THE PAULCAST.

One thought on “Cause of Anxiety.

  1. Yes, living in the present is great advice since many times we are anxious over future happenings which never come to pass, or past issues- which are a waste of time. I know, easier said than done. Great post!


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