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The sky is beautiful.

I absolutely love the sky. For various reasons I keep being getting in the darkness and the claustrophobia of the four walls that feel like they are closing in on me all the time, making me feel suffocated. I end up going to the rooftop all the time and spend long hours there especially afterContinue reading “The sky is beautiful.”

No one is coming.

Most people have a lot of friends, relatives, big family, parents, cousins, colleagues, acquaintances, basically they know a hell lotta people. And I am not just talking about the extremely social extroverted people, I am talking about the introverts as well. Even the introverts are forced to go to a lot of places, and atContinue reading “No one is coming.”

Toxic positivity.

There is a thing going on these days, or maybe it was always present just went on unnoticed, and I like to call it toxic positivity. It’s when you are extra positive all the time and you keep preaching that positivity to people who are going through shit without really grasping how they are feelingContinue reading “Toxic positivity.”

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