I know there are a lot of people who are in their 20s struggling, lost, feeling left behind, and just can’t seem to keep up with the rest of the world. Everyone seems to have their shit together, having the time of their lives, settling their careers, doing jobs, studying, or buying a new car, and here you are just stuck in life, overthinking every single thing; here you are not being able to catch a damn break.

Now here’s the thing, time is an illusion, there are no set rules in life that you have to follow. We all live different lives, different lifestyles, different backgrounds, timelines, and personalities, everything about us is different. They haven’t lived the life you have and vice versa. If someone is doing great in life, good for them but that doesn’t mean you are inferior to them. That you are not good enough.

I am sure I have mentioned this before, but during this time of our lives, there’s huge pressure and expectations from us. You have to finish your school, and then college, and then maybe post-grad, then grind out some internships or get placed in some dumb company that pays you the bare minimum salary and grind at your job and live paycheck to paycheck. Maybe you have to pay for your own rent and food as well which takes a toll when you are already struggling with mental issues and financial insecurity and family problems – all kinds of shit. So here’s the thing, take it easy.

If you are in 20-something, you are not supposed to have your whole life figured out. You are supposed to have fun and also feel shit sometimes. You are supposed to struggle, it’s okay. You are supposed to rethink your career, go back to college with a new degree if you want, drop out if you want, quit a bunch of jobs if you want, start a bunch of businesses and fail at all of them and then try something completely new. All of it is okay. You are supposed to explore and expand not feeling pressurized and limited to the binds of the society. Some people finish their studies at 30 and go on to become successful at 60, some people drop out while some people finish their million degrees and still can’t land a decent job. Some people are stuck in a corporate 9-5 loop of hell and some people actually like being stuck in that while having a stable source of income.

Don’t let the world or the internet especially these days, fool you into believing you don’t have time. It’s a long life and instead of giving in to this hustle culture where if you are not working ten jobs and sleeping more than 4 hours and eating anything more than cup noodles, then you are not grinding hard enough. No that’s some dumb shit. Chill out, it’s gonna be fine one way or the other. Take each day at a time and enjoy the present moment and most importantly, keep your focus. It’s easy to go online and get distracted by what everyone else is doing, don’t do that. You don’t have to quit social media but limit its usage and try to exist more in real life. I will talk about social media in another post.

So yeah, I don’t do motivational stuff often, most of my posts are just random rants but I thought there must be a lot of people who are in their early or mid-twenties, struggling and failing to keep up with the rest of the world. All of you need a pat on the back to have made it this far and yeah keep going as hard as it is.

Published by Arkopaul Das

Hey there, I am Arkopaul Das, and welcome to my blog! I am a published writer of five novels, poet, content creator, editor, and Youtuber. Growing up, I always had thoughts and opinions about a lot of things, but no one to share them with. I resorted to writing my heart out and using it as a coping mechanism, and soon I fell in love with it. In this blog, you can have a glimpse of what goes on in my mind, you will find me ranting on different subjects, and hopefully, some of it will be relatable. Are you someone who is lost, lonely, or feeling like you are stuck in life? Cos then I am you - a guy figuring his shit out in life and trying to get somewhere with his creativity. This is me, exposing my raw, unabashed self. Also, please subscribe to my youtube channel THE PAULCAST.

3 thoughts on “20s

  1. Beautiful article! Yes at this age young people struggle with many things but I think everything will be okay just never to give up ! Well shared thanks πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Š

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